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XC Championship



Sunday, November 4th the STRS Cross Country team competed in the season-ending Catholic Championship Meet at Timber Creek Park.

On behalf of head coach Bob Leonchuck and Coach John Karwowski, I’m happy to report that ALL of the athletes did very well — highlighted by our girls’ team capturing the SECOND PLACE trophy for Division 1 !!! This is absolutely fantastic for our “Small but Mighty” School, since our girls’ team had zero Seniors (7th and 8th grade girls). 

Additionally, the following athletes received medals for their outstanding individual performances:

Jilly Usilton (Gr 4)
Kennedy Downs (Gr 4) - Third place - Cadets!
Kara Salamone (Gr 4) - League Champion - Cadets!
Kampbell Wertz (Gr 5)
Jordyn Downs (Gr 6)

Trevor DelBorrello (Gr 3)
Blainey Amerman (Gr 3)
Christopher Monaghan (Gr 4) - League Runner-up - Cadets!
Nicholas Salamone (Gr 6)
Jake Rehiel (Gr 8)
Kenny Smith (Gr 8)

The coaches are very proud of all the athletes! 

And finally, I’d like to thank the athletes, parents, Head Coach Bob Leonchuck, Susan Leonchuck, and Coach John Karwowski. It was a tremendous season!

Go Wildcats!

contributed by Ken Smith.