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Science Fair 2018

Congratulations to our Science Fair Winners! For 5th Grade Jane Dorris took 1st with "Which Pen is the Worst Track Star?" Francesca D'Errico placed 2nd with "What Conducts Electricity?" and 3rd prize went to Nicholas Salamone for "Spoiled Strawberries." The 6th grade winners were Rylee Harada for "Is Church Good For Your Health?" in 1st place, Nicholas Munding with"Which Brand of Golf Ball Goes the Farthest?" came in 2nd place and Jeanette Leonchuck won 3rd place with "Reaction Time: Practice Makes Perfect." The 7th Grade winners were Connor Alvarez in 1st place for "Good Vibrations Electric Sensations," Noah Popiolek placed 2nd with "Fastest Relief" and Rose Brannen took 3rd place with "Amount of Sugar in Energy7 Drinks and Soda.

         Jane Dorris                                Eve Brannen   

         Connor Alvarez       Nicholas Munding     Noah Popiolek