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Science Fair 2019

Our Science Fair Awards for 2019

Grade 7

1st Prize Charlotte Capie for "When Things Go Bad, Feed Your Garden With Them"

2nd Prize Stefania Sammartino for "Under Pressure"

3rd Prize Brian Arnold for "Cookies"

8th Grade Science Fair

Grade 6

1st Prize Jordyn Downs for "Stains Out"

2nd Prize Abigail Popiolek for "Soapy Savings"

3rd Prize Autumn Bergen for "Hot Science"

Gr 6 Science Fair

Grade 5

1st Prize Maximus McNeil for "Save Yourself, Protect Our Earth"

2nd Prize Isabelle Abbates for "Can You Change the Direction of Plant Growthby Changing the Location of Its Light Source?"

3rd Prize Katelyn Dorris for "Can Listening to Music Help You Balance?"

Gr5 Science Fair