The partnership shared between St. Teresa Regional School and parents, students, faculty, and staff is what makes our school unique.

    Our Mission

    Fostering a unique partnership with families and dedicated faculty,
    St. Teresa Regional School, a Pre-K through 8 Catholic educational institution,
    strives to empower students to know themselves as created and loved by God.
     Forming minds and hearts for leadership and service,
    we achieve academic excellence, spiritual development, 
    and individual responsibility in a safe and nurturing environment. 

    It is within the circles of generosity that STRS has become the environment where leadership and service are nurtured on a daily basis:

    • Parents share the good news about our school with others, volunteer in school, cafeteria, and at parish events
    • Students initiate and carry out service projects for others, and are encouraged to use all the gifts that God has given them in striving for personal academic excellence
    • Faculty members continually enrich instruction with age appropriate challenges through technology and other media and seek to build on the faith formation begun by parents for their children

    Your support of our school is immeasurable as we strive to educate students for personal and academic excellence; allowing the uniqueness of each child to shine.

    Your support and participation in our Annual Fund Campaign and the St. Teresa Alumni Scholarship Fund (STARS) is vital in sustaining our school. 

    We look forward to strengthening our partnership with you and the circles of gratitude and generosity. We stand on the shoulders of many who have brought STRS to this time in our history. Your support throughout the coming year will ensure that our mission continues to be lived out each day empowering future students for leadership and service for God and community.