• Welcome to Mrs. Kelly's 8th Grade Class





    I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer. Below is the book information for the required summer reading. Students are to read these books over the break. We will complete an assignment for each book when we return to school in September. Below the book list is the list of school supply items that students need to purchase. I look forward to seeing everyone in September!


    As always, if you ever have any questions, please email me at Lkelly@stteresaschool.org



  • The items listed below will be needed for the 8th grade and may

    be purchased over the summer at local stores:

    4 - sharpened pencils

    2 - red pens

    1 - eraser

    1 - box of crayons (no larger than 24)

    1 - small pkg. colored pencils

    1 - small pkg. thin markers

    1 - scissors

    1 - small stapler

    2 - glue sticks

    2 - highlighters (any color)

    1 - dry erase marker/eraser

    3 - boxes of tissues

    1 - small pencil sharpener

    Index cards/file box

    Contact paper (all copybooks and workbooks need to be covered with

    contact paper)

    Jumbo book sox (5) (must be the "jumbo" size to accommodate the larger text books)