• Important weekly information can be found under the general "What's New" tab. 

    Information about each class' current academic unit will be found under the "What's New" tab with the class' name on it. Here you will find out the topics covered in class.  This will also include our schedule and upcoming events like quizzes, projects, and tests.


    I usually do not assign homework.  If a student has homework, it is most likely because his/her classwork was not completed while in class that day.  Please note that even if no written homework is due, the student is expected to study on a regular basis.  Developing good study habits is an important factor in the future success of the student!

  • Summer Reading

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  • Stationary List


    The following items will be provided for the students the first week of


    5 - copybooks (#5980)

    2 - theme tablets (#477)

    6 - laminated folders

    1 - small pencil case

    1 - large pencil case (art supplies)

    1 - homework planner

    1 - 6 inch ruler

    1 - 12 inch ruler

    The items listed below will be needed for seventh grade and they may

    be purchased over the summer at local stores:

    4 - sharpened pencils

    2 - red pens

    1 - eraser

    1 - box of crayons (no larger than 24)

    1 - small pkg. colored pencils

    1 - small pkg. thin markers

    1 - scissors

    1 - small stapler

    2 - glue sticks

    2 - highlighters (any color)

    1 - dry erase marker/eraser

    3 - boxes of tissues

    1 - small pencil sharpener

    Index cards/file box

    Contact paper (all copybooks and workbooks need to be covered with

    contact paper)

    Jumbo book sox (5)


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