• Dear 2021-2022 Seventh Grade Families:


    Welcome to Grade 7!  I hope this summer will be a time full of  fun and relaxation for your family.


    Enclosed please find a summer reading list and stationery list.  The summer reading list includes three books which are required to be read, one book for Religion and two for Language Arts. Your children will be given an assignment for the required reading when they return to school in September.   Please encourage your child to read even beyond the enclosed list and to utilize IXL. It is a valuable tool for keeping up with math and language skills.  It is highly recommended that your child use this program throughout the summer to not only maintain, but to increase proficiency in these academic areas.  


    The items on the stationery list are to be purchased by you over the summer.  Also, please note that all book sox purchased should be jumbo size to accommodate the larger textbooks. 


    As you know, it is equally important to keep your child mentally active as it is to keep them physically active during the summer months.

    Have an enjoyable summer and see you in September!


    God bless you,

    Mrs. Karen Higgins



























  • How Do I Navigate Mrs. Higgins' Class Page?

    Important weekly information can be found under the general "What's New" tab. This will include changes to the School schedule and upcoming events.


    Information about each class' current academic unit will be found under the "What's New" tab with the class' name on it. Here you will find out weekly topics, resources used in class, videos used in class, as well as additional resources to expand on what is covered in class.


    I will also post homework assignments and due dates on the What's New page. Please note that even if no written homework is due, the student is expected to study on a regular basis.  Developing good study habits is an important factor in the future success of the student!


    I hope this helps.  Please don't hesitate to contact me at khiggins@stteresaschool.org if you have any questions.

    Happy Navigating!




  • Summer Reading

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  • Stationary List


    The following items will be provided for the students the first week of


    5 - copybooks (#5980)

    2 - theme tablets (#477)

    6 - laminated folders

    1 - small pencil case

    1 - large pencil case (art supplies)

    1 - homework planner

    1 - 6 inch ruler

    1 - 12 inch ruler

    The items listed below will be needed for seventh grade and they may

    be purchased over the summer at local stores:

    4 - sharpened pencils

    2 - red pens

    1 - eraser

    1 - box of crayons (no larger than 24)

    1 - small pkg. colored pencils

    1 - small pkg. thin markers

    1 - scissors

    1 - small stapler

    2 - glue sticks

    2 - highlighters (any color)

    1 - dry erase marker/eraser

    3 - boxes of tissues

    1 - small pencil sharpener

    Index cards/file box

    Contact paper (all copybooks and workbooks need to be covered with

    contact paper)

    Jumbo book sox (5)


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