Home and School

  • St. Teresa Regional School
    Home and School Association

     The Home and School Association of St. Teresa School exists for the support of the school to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging families and communities. 

    The HSA is dedicated to fostering good communication and building and maintaining positive relationships between parents and school. General meetings will be scheduled three times each year. 

    The Home and School Association works each year to directly support the school’s budget and fulfill a designated financial responsibility to assist in keeping tuition rates steady and provide students with instructional and social supports. A variety of fundraising activities and initiatives lead to financial gains as well as creating an avenue for various family-centered activities. 

    The Home & School Board members meet monthly to share ideas and discuss current and future events. Please feel free to send your ideas or questions to any member of the board for discussion at the next scheduled meeting! 

    All activities of the Home and School Association depend greatly on the time, talent and generosity of all our school parents and community members. Please join us this year! We look forward to seeing you.