Tuition and Fees

  • St. Teresa School Tuition Rates with the Holy Child Grant are as follows:

    2023-2024 School Year

    Grades K to 8
    Diocesan 2% Increase 2023-2024         Holy Child Grant       Tuition Owed

    1st Child                  $5,913,00                       $200.00              $5,713.00

    2nd Child                 $4,643.00                       $150.00              $4,493.00

    3rd Child or more    $3,693.00                       $125.00              $3,568.00


    Non-Catholic Diocesan 2% Increase 2023-2024                      Holy Child Grant        Tuition Owed

    Each Child              $7,171.00                                                       $225.00                   $6,946.00


    Tuition Rates for Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 2023-2024

    5 Full Days                      $5,513.00

    3 Full Days                     $4,733.00

    5 Half Days                     $4,361.00

    3 Half Days                     $3,902.00      


    Family Technology Fee of $110 will be included in a monthly payment adding $11.00 to your monthly payment.  This fee will be used for technology instruction and equipment for students

    Tuition Management Company: Families are required to register with FACTS as mandated by the Diocese of Camden. A one-time service charge of $44.00 will be added to the first payment. 

    A Registration Fee of $110 is required for all  registered students of St. Teresa School. Registration fees are non-refundable*.

    *Excluding students who are wait listed - these fees are eligible for a refund if a seat does not become available.