Our Logo

  • St. Teresa Regional School, a Catholic School in the IHM tradition employs the cross as the ultimate symbol of our Catholic identity.  Every phase of our curriculum and instruction is grounded in that identity.  Students are instructed in the teachings of the Catholic Church and are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential as witnesses to their faith in Jesus Christ.

    At the center of the logo is a heart.  This represents the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters who have staffed St. Teresa School since 1954 with the invaluable cooperation and dedication of numerous Lay Faculty members throughout the years.  The IHM Sisters have a long history of excellence in education of children, Pre-K through the university level since 1845.

    The flame of fire rising from the heart is indicative of the “fire of learning” that is enkindled in each student who attends St. Teresa School.  Students strive to achieve their personal best at every level of instruction. 

    The trinity of circles represents our rootedness in the Blessed Trinity of God as well as the interdependence and support that students, teachers, and parents share in the success of Catholic education at St. Teresa Regional School.

    The flower represents the patroness of the school, St. Therese of Liseux.  Regarding herself as God’s Little Flower,  ever mindful that all of life was a gift and grace from God, St. Teresa continues to shower many blessings on the students and families of St. Teresa Regional School.