Welcome Seventh Grade!

    General Announcements: **Missing Purple Midterm Papers Due ASAP**

    • School Reopens 1/2
    • Full Day 1/3
    • Half Day 1/10
    • No School 1/20
    • Midterms 1/23-1/24
    • Catholic Schools Week 1/27-1/31
  • Religion:

     Current Unit: Holy Spirit, Helper and Guide


    Upcoming Topics:

    • The Holy Spirit is always present with the Father and the Son
    • The Holy Spirit is active in God's plan of salvation
    • The Holy Spirit came to the disciples at Pentecost
    • The Holy Spirit is always guidung the Church

    Upcoming Projects:

    • Stained Glass Projects
    • Pentecost Roleplay Writing
  • Science: 

    Current Unit: Cell Reproduction


    Upcoming Topics:

    • Cell Division and Mitosis
    • Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis
    • DNA

    Upcoming Labs and Projects:

    • Mitosis Hand Jive
    • Meiosis Lab
    • DNA Matching activity
  • Social Studies:

    Current Unit: Launching the Nation

    Upcoming Topics:

    • Washington Leads a New Nation
    • Hamilton and National Finances
    • Challenges for the New Nation
    • John Adam's Presidency

    Upcoming Projects:

    • Hamilton Vs Jefferson comparision
    • Presidential Decision Making
    • John Adam's Graphic Organizers