1.Tests for the Week of May 23rd:

    Wednesday- Math (Measurement)

    Thursday- Religion (Ch. 25)

    Friday- Grammar (Adjectives)


    2. Dress Down Day- As the children achieved 100% class registration for the Race For Education, the children received a Dress Down Day.  The children voted for this Wednesday, May 25th, to be their Dress Down Day!


    3.Art Show Wednesday, May 25th- The Art Show will be this Wednesday, May 25th, between 6:30-7:30PM.



    4.Our Week in Focus:

    Religion- Ch. 25 (Mary)

    Math - Measurement and Beginning Fractions

    Vocabulary- Prefixes pre and mis

    Phonics- Sounds of ou/ow and oi/oy

    Reading- Story: Officer Buckle and Gloria

    English- Adjectives

    Social Studies- World Map (Continents and Oceans)

    Science-  Animal Habitats