• Religion Study Guide

    Chapter 25


    Key Statements

    1.The  Church honors  the saints.

    2.Mary is the greatest of saints.

    3.God chose Mary to be the Mother of his only Son, Jesus.

    4.Mary always did what God wanted.

    5.The Rosary is a prayer in honor of Mary.


    Key Words/Definitions

    1.saints- all the members of the Church who have died and are happy with God forever in Heaven.

    2.procession- a prayer walk


    Also Know……

    *How we can follow the saints’ example

    *The words of Elizabeth and the angel Gabriel that are part of the Hail Mary

    *Ways we can honor Mary (processions, statues and pictures of Mary, singing, celebrating the feast days of Mary, praying the Rosary, etc.)

    *The “Feast Days of Mary”




    1. The Annunciation- The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that God had chosen her to be the Mother of his only son, Jesus. Mary said yes to God.


    1. The Visitation- Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth (who was also having a baby) to share her joy and help. They both thanked God for loving them and for their special children.


    1. Immaculate Conception- Mary was free from sin from the very first moment of her life.


    1. The Assumption-At the end of Mary’s life on Earth, God took Mary up to Heaven to live with him forever.


    5.Our Lady of Fatima- The Blessed Mother appeared to three poor, shepherd children (six times) at Fatima, Portugual.  Mary’s message to the children was to pray the rosary for peace.  She revealed herself as “Our Lady of the Rosary.”