Religion Study Guide

    Chapter 2 

    Key Statements

    1. Jesus gathered many followers to be his disciples.
    2. Jesus died and rose to new life.
    3. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit.
    4. On Pentecost the Church began.
    5. The Holy Spirit helps the Church to grow.


    Key Words/Definitions

    1. Disciples- those who follow Jesus
    2. Apostles- the twelve men chosen by Jesus to be the leaders of his disciples
    3. Resurrection- Jesus’ rising from the dead
    4. Church- all the people who are baptized in Jesus Christ and follow his teachings
    5. Pentecost-the day the Holy Spirit came to help the disciples; the day the Church began



    *The story of Pentecost (p. 36)

    *The story of the Resurrection (p. 35)

    *How the Holy Spirit helped the disciples and helps the Church