• Today we are creating Sedimentary Rock Models! 



    Classroom Rules

    1. RESPECT everyone in the classroom / school.
    2. Raise your hand before speaking.
    3. Behave in a quiet and orderly manner in the hall.
    4. Follow and pay attention to all directions. *Stay on task*
    5. Be polite and kind to all classmates, teachers, and other staff in the school.
    6. Complete assignments quietly when given and use your time wisely!
    7. Try your best!! 



    Emergency Closing Info: 

    (We go by Gloucester Twp District, so if they are delayed or closed, so is STRS) 

    1- School Closing #552

    2-  6abc will be notified 

    You can also sign up on their website under school closing info to be emailed when St. Teresa's notifies them of any delays or closures. 

    3- A Global Connect message will also be sent