A copy of this letter went home with all 5th, 6th, and 7th graders Friday, 10Feb2023.


    Dear Parents,

    St. Teresa Regional School will hold our annual Science Fair on Wednesday, 10May2023, time TBA. Students in grades five, six, and seven are required to participate in this important learning experience. Students are encouraged to discuss their projects with me and you and select a topic that interests them.

    Everyone will be following the steps of the Scientific Method to complete their projects, therefore, choosing a question is the first step in developing a project. Example: What kind of paper towel holds the most water?

    I will discuss various possible projects, guidelines, and rules for the Science Fair. Although assistance will be given along the way, students are expected to do the majority of the work independently at home. Trifold boards, size 36: x 48”, should be used to present their final project.



    Please keep in mind that all projects must meet certain safety requirements. To ensure the safety of all our participants, please make sure your project meets the following requirements:

    • Projects must be approved by the classroom teacher and by a parent.

    • The display must be the proper size and fit the confines of the display board.

    • No animals - alive or dead - may be used.

    • No presentations may use an open flame.

    • No presentations may use hazardous materials.

    • No presentation may be constructed in a fashion that may cause harm to the student or to a spectator.


    Please note that there are many resources on the Internet available for you to assist your student in selecting a topic. 


    At the bottom of this sheet, please sign and return stating your student’s initial topic/question for their project. As you work, this question may change and that’s ok! Please return the bottom of this form by Friday, 03March2023.


    Thank you for your cooperation in making our Science Fair a success! If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please do not hesitate to contact  me!



    Mrs. Iovacchino




    Student’s Name: __________________________________________________________________________

    Science Fair Initial Topic/Question: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________________________`____

  • Summer Reading

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  • Stationary List


    The following items will be provided for the students the first week of


    5 - copybooks (#5980)

    2 - theme tablets (#477)

    6 - laminated folders

    1 - small pencil case

    1 - large pencil case (art supplies)

    1 - homework planner

    1 - 6 inch ruler

    1 - 12 inch ruler

    The items listed below will be needed for seventh grade and they may

    be purchased over the summer at local stores:

    4 - sharpened pencils

    2 - red pens

    1 - eraser

    1 - box of crayons (no larger than 24)

    1 - small pkg. colored pencils

    1 - small pkg. thin markers

    1 - scissors

    1 - small stapler

    2 - glue sticks

    2 - highlighters (any color)

    1 - dry erase marker/eraser

    3 - boxes of tissues

    1 - small pencil sharpener

    Index cards/file box

    Contact paper (all copybooks and workbooks need to be covered with

    contact paper)

    Jumbo book sox (5)


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